On seeking equanimity.
and not (necessarily) because there’s anything wrong with them.
Can you support a state which doesn't agree with your worldview?
Whether it's in the context of kids, a romantic partnership, or a religious way of life, it's going to be a lot more important to be able to forgive and…
“Death does not frighten me. I do not fear it because I attribute little to a life without purpose.”
Nothing is more universal to the human experience than suffering. It is not what makes us unique. It is what makes us the same.
I come from a long line of foul mouthed Western mountain Jews. These are the Jews that eschewed the cities, went west selling dry goods and furs, later…
The NY Times has discovered the clitoris. It’s about damn time. Stay with me here. I'll get back to it. When I was in my early twenties I started to…
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